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Age UK
Bridge Thursday and Friday Afternoons in the Parish Hall. 
Duplicate sessions with help from teachers.
Just drop-in, with or without a partner
01670 514268
01670 515075
Castle Morpeth Disability Forum
Citizens Advice
Hepscott Village Hall
Heritage Group The Heritage Group is a small group who have researched and produced two booklets outlining the history of the village.  “Hepscott: Towards 2000” is an account of the Hepscott during the Twentieth Century. “Discovering Hepscott” by Dorothy Cowans is a collection of walks that link the Present with the Past.
Hepscott Towards 2000 [Published 2000] [A4] £5.00
Discovering Hepscott [Published 2002] [A5] £3.00
01670 518888  
Job Centre
Keep Fit Katie's Keep Fit
Every Friday at 10.30 a.m in the Parish Hall
Everyone Welcome to this gentle work-out at your own level of fitness
01670 514031  
Library The mobile library van visits Parkside within Hepscott Village every other Thursday evening between 6.40 and 7.00 p.m.    
Milk There are door step deliveries of milk within the village.    
Mitford Parish Council
Morpeth Town Council   01670 514314
Neighbourhood Watch There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme within both the village and Stobhill Manor.    
Newspapers Newspaper deliveries are available    
Northumberland County Council   0345 600 6400
Northumbria NHS Trust
Orchard Management Group The Orchard Management Group was recently set up to look after the former orchard that is an area of public open space at the centre of the village.    
Planning     Click on this link.
Police Community Beat Officer - Andrea Teasdale 03456 043 043 (ext: 61181)  
Post Office
Public Transport With the exception of the School Bus every term time morning and afternoon, which ordinary members of the public can use, there is no other bus service through the village.  There is a Morpeth Town service that serves Stobhill Manor.  Other regular services run along the A192 and the A196 both of which require a short walk from either the village or Stobhill Manor, link Newcastle, Morpeth, and the surrounding towns and villages. These services change from time to time and for current information on public transport consult Traveline 0870 608 2 608
Red Squirrels

Morpeth and District Red Squirrels Voluntary Group

The Parish has long been “home” to native red squirrels. These elusive animals live among the trees in the Parish and regularly forage in local gardens. Residents have supported them by providing hazel nuts and other food in the months when natural food supplies are low. In Hepscott village the Parish Council has been active in attempting to conserve the squirrels by providing a rope ladder to assist in crossing the busy road through the village and by purchasing road signs to alert drivers to the need to be cautious as they travel through the village. Sadly these measures have not prevented reds becoming victims of passing traffic.

In recent months there has been an increasing threat from grey squirrels moving into the Parish. This has been particularly evident in the north, where sightings have been reported regularly and the reds previously seen along the banks of the river Wansbeck as it flows through the Parish and on towards Ashington have vanished. Greys threaten the native species by out-competing with them for food and carrying a virus which they can tolerate but which is fatal to reds. The greys are now moving into the village of Hepscott, where reds are still seen. Morpeth and District Red Squirrels, a local voluntary group, is working with villagers who report sightings of both species to control the greys and continue to conserve the reds. 

RVS Get Out and About Service
Tea Rington's Tea delivers tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets to your door.    
Village Teas The last Tuesday of each month from 2.00 pm to 4.00pm in the Parish Hall. “Pop in” for a cup of tea, refreshments and a chat. 01670 518888  
Womens Institute The Women’s Institute (WI) meet in the Parish Hall on the third Tuesday of every month – the necessary demolition of the old WI hut and subsequent sale of the land it stood on helped finance the building of the present community hall.    


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