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Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council
Hepscott Parish Council

Welcome to the website of the
Hepscott Parish Council

We hope you find our website informative and we welcome your comments and invite your participation.

The civil parish of Hepscott lies south east of the market town of Morpeth in the county of Northumberland.  It borders the industrial former coalfield area and the more agricultural parts of the County.  
The main east coast railway runs through the parish and the AI trunk road is very close. 

The Tyneside conurbation and Newcastle Airport are within a thirty minute drive by road making Hepscott a popular and convenient place to live.
In 2007 the parish was divided into two wards – Hepscott Parish ward (with five councillors) and Stobhill Manor ward (with two councillors).  This reflected the development of a housing estate at Stobhill Manor. 
There are approximately four hundred dwellings within the parish. Half are in the village nucleus. Over a quarter of them are in Stobhill Manor and Turner Square and the remainder are scattered working farms, farms with barn conversions or small hamlets such as Shadfen, Dunces Houses, Hepscott Manor, Catchburn, Barmoor and Coalburn.
We have created this website for the benefit of everyone in the Parish to aid communication. Please let us have your comments particularly if you feel we've missed something.

You can reach us by using our Contact Form.

We want to hear from you!


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Regardless of size, The Localism Act (Transparency Code) requires Councils to publish their financial situation annually before 1st July, under the following headings:

The funding for parish councils is allocated by the district council and is taken from the area’s council tax; this is called an annual precept.
The income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates and this amount is added to the local council tax and then returned to the parishes in two half-yearly instalments.
We endeavour to keep the Precept as low as possible, and will not ask for an increase unless absolutely necessary.  However all Parish Councils are having to take on more and more responsibilities from their County Councils for services originally paid for by the County Council (2012/13 Devolution of Local Services).  For example we have to ensure that all bus shelters are clean and not damaged and pay for any repairs where necessary.









Notice of Completion of Audit

AGAR (post audit)

Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Explanation of Variances

AGAR (pre-audit)

Receipts and Payments

Asset Register

Bank Reconciliation

General Financial Statement

CIL Report

Internal Audit Report




Notice of Completion of Audit

AGAR (post audit)

Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Explanation of Variances

AGAR (pre-audit)

Receipts and Payments

Asset Register

Bank Reconciliation

General Financial Statement

CIL Report

Internal Audit Report



The Freedom of Information Act requires Councils to publish the contact information of all members of the Council (councillors) together with the Declarations of Interest and any specific responsibilities or representations.

Philip Ashmore

01670 516726

Declaration Of Interests


Patricia Anne Colver

01670 517199

Declaration Of Interests


David Cowans (Vice-Chair)

01670 516397

Declaration of Interests


Frederick George Dye

01670 514871

Declaration Of Interests


Malcolm Paton

01670 511640

Declaration Of Interests


Carolyn Reid (Chairman)

01670 515308

Declaration Of Interests


John James Sadler

01670 513005

Declaration Of Interests




Northunberland Council Representatives

John Beynon


Glen Sanderson


Various pieces of government legislation govern the way in which councils operate. Many of these documents require updating on an annual or as-required basis when the core legislation is updated or circumstances change withing the council. The below list is not exhaustive nor are all the policies and procedures applicable to every council.


Policies and Procedures


Code Of Conduct

Community Governance Review

Complaints Procedure

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Email Policy

Freedom of Information Act Inventory

Financial Regulations

Media Policy

Play Policy

Privacy Policy

Risk Assessment and Policy

Staff and Member Training Policy

Standing Orders

Social Media Policy


GDPR Specific

General Data Protection Regulation Policy

Retention Of Documents Policy

Computer and Telephone Misuse Policy

Employee Privacy Statement

Information Protection Policy

Councillor Privacy Statement

Removable Media Policy



Employers Liability

Public Liability



Meetings, Agenda and Minutes 2021

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic all future Parish Council Meetings will take place via Zoom.

Meetings are normally held two-monthly on the third Thursday of alternate months at 6.30 pm in the Parish Hall and members of the public are always welcome to attend.

A short period of time is put aside at the beginning of each meeting for anyone who wishes to address the Council on matters that appear on the Agenda.

Hepscott Parish Council amalgamates its Annual Parish Meeting and its Annual Parish Council so the documents under these headings are duplicated because to merge the cells in the table would mean that the table ceased to be accessible.

Date Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 21st Council Read Read
March 18th Council Read Read
May 20th Annual Parish Meeting    
May 20th Annual Parish Council Meeting    
May 20th Council    
July 15th Council    
September 16th Council    
November 18th Council    



Hepscott Parish Council provides a number of services, some of which have been transferred recently from Northumberland County Council control. These services are either owned or managed by the Parish Council which aims to maintain them efficiently within the constraints of its financial budget.


Hepscott Village Hall

The Village Hall and car park belong to Hepscott Parish and are managed by the Hall Management Committee. The Hall is the venue for council and other meetings and is also used as a polling station. A large range of social/recreational activities take place there and it can be hired at reasonable rates.

The Parish Council took the brave decision to demolish the former primary school/chapel and replace it with the present Parish Hall. The roof slates and stone window sills were reused in the new building and a number of items of historical interest such as a memorial plaque for the fallen can be seen inside.

There is a full programme of activities throughout the week with quilting classes, bridge classes and practice sessions, an art group, keep fit class, tai chi class and yoga class.  On the last Tuesday of each month there is a “Village Tea” to enable residents to meet each other in a warm friendly atmosphere – the food is great too!

There are also regular fund raising activities in the hall – quizzes, concerts, coffee mornings, wine tasting, Christmas wreath making, race nights, etc.

Social life within the village centres on the Hepscott Parish Village Hall ( and Hepscott Parish Hall - Home | Facebook


Public Open Areas and Woodland

Several public areas in Hepscott are provided and supported by the Parish Council which uses a large proportion of its budget to pay for extra grass-cutting, hedge-trimming and tree maintenance.


Public Seats

HPC are responsible for the maintenance of village roadside seats such as those which have been donated by organisations to commemorate historical events.


Bus Shelters

Five bus shelters are provided and maintained for the convenience of passengers. Please report any damage or graffiti to Hepscott Parish Council.


Dog and Litter Bins

Dog bins are provided and maintained for the sizeable number of dogs being walked in the Parish.
Also litter bins are provided throughout the Parish for the disposal of litter and these can also be used for wrapped dog waste.


Notice Boards

Two Notice Boards in Hepscott Village and Stobhill Manor are supplied and maintained by Hepscott Parish Council. They advertise local events and display information about Council activities.


Play Area

Hepscott Parish Council manages Stobhill Manor Play Area which is regularly inspected and offers safe play activities for young children.


Village Clean-up Day

Once a year in the spring HPC organises a clean-up day. Residents are asked to volunteer to collect their litter-pickers, rubbish bags and gloves from outside the Village Hall and help tidy up their local area. If you are interested in helping please look for the date in the Hepscott Herald


Hepscott Herald

The ‘Hepscott Herald’ is a community newspaper provided by Hepscott Parish Council. It is distributed widely throughout the Parish and is free of charge.

Back issues can be found in our Archive.

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